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Completed: 2011
Designers: Mike Hartley

An elevated site with compelling and extensive views out towards the Heads, Great Barrier and over the Mangawhai sandspit gave rise to a form that funnels and reaches for these views while providing areas of protection and shelter.

The angular form, evoking windswept Kanuka and angular drift-wood, envelops a viewing deck while providing shelter and privacy to interior spaces.  The protected courtyard provides a direct link to the bush-clad hill immediately adjacent to the site.

The clients have an enthusiasm for New Zealand walking tracks and as such have experienced many DoC huts. The nostalgia of these forms of shelter, the desire for sustainably sourced materials and the harsh salt laden air of this costal environment – presented a sound case for the extensive specification of timber for this project. Its use has provided tonal warmth to the interiors of the ‘bach’, which in time will become the clients’ full time residence.

The workability of timber allowed for the clients to engage in the visceral act of building and for them to develop their carpentry and finishing skills, while providing the necessary excuses for new power tools!

Kanuka Place

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