01.09.11 by Nick Sayes

Architectural Term of the Day 008

Keeping everyone on their toes Cam tests the office on the meaning of obscure Architectural terminology.

Todays Term: Frog

“The indentation on the bedding surface of a pressed or moulded brick” glossary of building terms, standards nz.

25.08.11 by Nick Sayes

Corinth House WINS Resene Total Colour Award 2011

Corinth House by Daniel Marshall Architects picked up a Resene Total Colour Award for Best Residential Interior – announced last night.  The Resene Total Colour Awards celebrate innovative and excellent [...]

23.08.11 by Nick Sayes

Kanuka Place

An elevated site with compelling and extensive views out towards the Heads, Great Barrier and over the Mangawhai sandspit gave rise to a form that funnels and reaches for these [...]

12.08.11 by Nick Sayes

DMA – Now Hard Wired to Google

We’re on the map! Oo…  Raaar ! DMA on Google Maps

05.08.11 by Nick Sayes

Lucerne – Teaser