02.02.11 by Nick Sayes

by Maya V.

by Maya V, on the DMA chalk board.

01.02.11 by Daniel Marshall

Red Army Ensemble

25.01.11 by Nick Sayes

Continuous Drawer Pulls designed by DMA

Marcus Halliday of Halliday & Bailie approached Daniel Marshall Architects to design a series of handles for the H&B range. DMA designed and developed a series of aluminum extrusions ideal [...]

13.12.10 by Daniel Marshall

2010 Glenn Murcutt Masterclass

Australian masters… Working in groups… Sustainable design… These are all things that scare me, architecturally speaking. So it was with some trepidation that I attended the 2010 Glenn Murcutt Master [...]

10.12.10 by Daniel Marshall

Under Construction – Lucerne Road