29.12.07 by Nick Sayes


Mt. Maunganui,  Bay of Plenty. New Zealand. A densely suburban area in Mt. Maunganui presented a section with a sharp two metre drop mid-site. This ground condition gave rise to four separate half levels housed within two distinct sculptural forms, articulated by a gentile stairway at the fulcrum. The space between the two functional areas, framed by the stair, form the courtyard areas and provide an interface, often lacking on small sites, between public and private spaces. The Eastern form houses the garage and the public spaces with the Western form accommodates the private spaces. From the entry driveway the clean white forms evoke the prows of two ocean vessels vying for the attention of Mt. Manganui.

19.12.07 by Nick Sayes


A stand of Nikau, an idyllic private bay and a building platform defined by ridges either side set the architectural program of the design of this family beach house on [...]

18.12.07 by Nick Sayes

Walker & Hall

Shop 249 B, Albany. New Zealand The project began conceptually with the client bringing into the office a few vintage pieces of George Jensen jewelry, notably a sculptural silver bracelet [...]

31.07.07 by Nick Sayes

Marshall Law

Marshall Law, Home & Entertaining, June/July 2007 Text by Bill McKay Photography by Patrick Reynolds Download PDF

18.06.07 by Nick Sayes

Cinco Cine

Grey Lynn, Auckland. New Zealand. Cinco Cine is a film production company with a commitment to the Māori language that produces drama, documentary and children’s television programming. This project is [...]