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31.05.11 by Nick Sayes

Architectural Term of the Day 001

Keeping everyone on their toes Cam tests the office on the meaning of obscure Architectural terminology. Todays Term: Sparge Pipe “A pipe having a series of drilled holes designed to deliver [...]

17.05.11 by Nick Sayes

Street Life

DMA found in Groove Guide (top right of montage) “LIKE ANY BIG CITY, Auckland has its share of seductive nocturnal activity – much of it occurring on Karangahape Rd” pg [...]

17.03.11 by Mike Hartley


10.02.11 by Nick Sayes

HOME NZ – Building & Renovation Guide

HOME New Zealand recently published, as a side pamphlet to their October/Novemeber 2010 issue, this great overview and guide to building and renovation in New Zealand. It contains number of [...]

03.12.10 by Daniel Marshall

Osama bin Laden Found Naked at Michael Lett Gallery