17.11.10 by Nick Sayes

A Place in the Sun

Korora has been published in a new book on Australia & New Zealand residential architecture, focusing on recent innovative designs dealing with the unique Australian / New Zealand landscape and climates.

A Place in the Sun

Innovative homes designed for our climate, Australia & New Zealand

Stuart Harrison



Living in Australia and New Zealand is now more than ever about adapting to its unique environment. As broad interest in sustainability grows and building energy ratings become more stringent, architects must design with the environment in mind to make living spaces better and more efficient. From the sunny beaches of tropical Queensland to the terrace houses of the innercity to rural retreats on the South Island of New Zealand, “A Place in the Sun” takes you on a journey through over 40 homes of stylistic distinction and functional design all built in harmony with the sun.

This collection of cutting-edge dwellings showcases thoughtful design solutions that respond to different climactic conditions to maximise the sun’s potential. The architect’s approaches are varied. Some are as simple as northfacing living areas to maximise light, whilst others are more technical, such as passive design to reduce energy use or retrofitting.

Esteemed architectural commentator and architect Stuart Harrison provides insightful observations and informative text, imparting expert knowledge to reveal what is possible through intelligent design. Extensively illustrated with colour photographs, plans and cross-sections, this is a fresh and inspiring look at residential architecture.

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