12.12.05 by Nick Sayes

Omaha House

This holiday home is arranged around the rituals of new zealand beach utopia. It is the control and celebration of the environmental conditions – wind / sun / sea that makes this design so successful.

05.12.05 by Nick Sayes

Urban House

This is an exciting urban house in the inner suburbs of auckland. the unusual doglegged and narrow site was maximised by using the central area as a courtyard which provides [...]

28.07.05 by Nick Sayes

Corinth House

This addition to a classic modernist 1960′s house by Vlad Cacala sought to leave the original intact while fulfilling the changing needs of the owners. The design was conceived as [...]

01.02.05 by Nick Sayes

Church Bay Concept Plans

Concept plan for the Church Bay House, straight out of Daniel’s Sketch Book

18.12.04 by Nick Sayes

Water Feature

A faceted concrete water sculpture stands tall (at 3.6m) against the lush green landscaping and gives a serene presence to the entry courtyard.