18.12.04 by Nick Sayes

Church Bay House

The design of this Waiheke house was based around 3 distinct courtyard areas which provide protection from the predominant winds and provide zones for contemplation and socialising. Views were an important consideration as the site is adjacent to a vineyard and looks down towards 3 bays.

Client Reference

18.12.02 by Nick Sayes

Arney Alteration

Precondition: a rational 1968 house with a gracious cartesian grid of timber posts and beams on unstable ground… Addition: the upper level was balanced upon 4 cast insitu concrete columns [...]

04.01.02 by Nick Sayes

Villa Bathroom Concept Sketch

18.12.01 by Nick Sayes

Piha Bach

Precondition: …black sand, relentless ocean, jagged basalt and a sky that dances between fiery white and violent seething black. fire destroyed most of the original bach… Regeneration: the concept was [...]

18.12.01 by Nick Sayes

Villa Alteration

Bathroom: functional nodes were placed within an historical pre-condition, almost as found objects. the aesthetic was consistent with subsequent stages of alteration whilst maintaining a dialogue with the language of [...]