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28.07.05 by Nick Sayes

Corinth House

This addition to a classic modernist 1960′s house by Vlad Cacala sought to leave the original intact while fulfilling the changing needs of the owners. The design was conceived as [...]

01.02.05 by Nick Sayes

Church Bay Concept Plans

Concept plan for the Church Bay House, straight out of Daniel’s Sketch Book

18.12.04 by Nick Sayes

Water Feature

A faceted concrete water sculpture stands tall (at 3.6m) against the lush green landscaping and gives a serene presence to the entry courtyard.

18.12.04 by Nick Sayes

Church Bay House

The design of this Waiheke house was based around 3 distinct courtyard areas which provide protection from the predominant winds and provide zones for contemplation and socialising. Views were an [...]

18.12.02 by Nick Sayes

Arney Alteration

Precondition: a rational 1968 house with a gracious cartesian grid of timber posts and beams on unstable ground… Addition: the upper level was balanced upon 4 cast insitu concrete columns [...]