09.05.11 by Nick Sayes

Concrete Slit House

Anything concrete and as sculptural as this is going to get our attention.

Concrete Slit House
AZL Architects
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
Found on ArchDaily

Concrete Slit House is a contemporary concrete residence
http://homeinspectionallstar.com enmeshed within a quiet Kuomingtang-era neighborhood in central Nanjing. The entire structure and roof are made from concrete pressed into a custom mould, handmade from five-centimeter horizontal wood strips to remain in scale with the adjacent century-old brick buildings.

Why we like this

  • Strong concept and well followed through
  • Impressively sculptural and ‘concrete’
  • Contextually fitting
  • Interesting ground condition
  • Beautifully ‘textural’ in material and detailed accordingly

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