25.10.13 by Nick Sayes

New Suburban – Reinventing the Family Home

New Suburban: Reinventing the Family Home in Australia and New Zealand, Local home inspector Stuart Harrison, Thames & Hudson, ISBN: 978-0-500-50039-2.

The book features 9 Elmstone (pg 104-111)

From the inside cover:

Remember what was good about the suburbs? Simple family homes with ample outdoor space to garden, play, entertain or relax … This ideal is no longer confined to outer urban areas. New, adaptable and innovative homes with space to live and play are being created in the suburbs and inner-city.

Stuart Harrison, along with some of our best architects, challenges the notion that we must choose between amenity and outdoor space, between small city apartments and huge houses miles from anywhere.

New Suburban showcases thirty houses that offer brilliant alternatives through intelligent and original architecture: new houses plus imaginative makeovers in both city and suburb. All value light, openness and the outdoors, while providing ample space and for families in energy-efficient, flexible and beautiful dwellings.

In A Place in the Sun and Forty-six Square Metres of Land Doesn’t Normally Become a House, Stuart Harrison championed sustainable and efficient houses. Now he rediscovers what’s best in suburbia and re-envisions housing that is exciting, adaptable, attractive and sustainable for communities of the future.






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