20.06.11 by Nick Sayes

A Treasury of New Zealand Bird Song

Kiwi Treasury Record No. 4

Recorded in the field by KENNET and JEAN BIGWOOD

Back Cover:

This record is a first supplement to the album A TREASURY OF NEW ZEALAND BIRD SONG issued by Kiwi Records.  The album contains three 45 R.P.M. extended play records each of ten different bird songs recorded in the field by KENNETH and JEAN BIGWOOD, and the book 30 NEW ZEALAND BIRDS written by Gordon R. Williams and containing portraits of the birds taken by Kenneth Bigwood.  In this supplement, the same author and photographer deal with the ten birds on this record and their booklet is enclosed.  It is the same size as the 30 NEW ZEALAND BIRDS and may conveniently be added to it to make the complete set.

Side One:

North Island Kiwi
N.Z. Falcon
Shining Cuckoo

Side Two:

Brown Creeper
Black Swan

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