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Puha and Pakeha

Puha and Pakeha

Featuring the many voices of Rod Derrett

Back Cover:

Born in Christchurch 1930, but now living in Auckland, Rod Derrett has earned a reputation second to none in the entertainment world, and has been aptly named the “Clown Prince of Parody”.  He could almost be called a “one-man-band” – guitarist, vocalist, composer, satirist and comedian !  As a dance band leader in Christchurch he grew tired of singing imported songs and began to write his own.  Taking his material from many facets of New Zealand life, he good-humouredly poked fun at all those things we hold near and dear.  (Thank goodness Kiwis have a sense of humour).

On this record he spotlights Kiwi homes, decimal currency, motor-cycle enthusiasts, and the friendly relations that exist between Maori and Pakeha.  Personally, after listening to “Puha and Pakeha” I’m advertising for a full time bodyguard!

Seriously, whether Maori or Pakeha, you’re going to really enjoy this record, and, like us will state emphatically that it is the crowning achievement of the “Clown Prince”.

By the way, all the voices you hear on this record, wheter snug or spoken, originate from one source – Rod Derrett.

Side One:

Puha and Pakeha
Kiwi Bungalow

Side Two:

Dollars and Sense

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