15.10.12 by Hana Scott

DMA Pub Review 02 – Cavalier

What a horrible day to be stuck outside enjoying a few jugs and a burger in the hot hot sun…

Today’s (12/10/2012) pub of choice was The Cavalier in Freemans Bay.

We all opted for burgers today, as they sounded so delicious.
Matt had a beef and blue cheese burger. The buns got a high rating.
Nick had the steak burger. It was very saucy.
Cam, Dan, Nick V and I had the panfried fish burger with tartare sauce, winner.

We handed the review over to Siri who cleverly dictated our dining experience in a stream of digital mis-consciousness. see below.

Criticising … Mentionable jack … Siri is proving useless … Enjoying the sun … Except campuses were in black … Lowbrow beer selection … The Killilea … Still waiting for the food … PuriPhoto evening … And easy to let … It’s so hot lienable … It’s so hard we need April … it’s so hard with the approval … It’s so hot we need a pool … So what we need a pool … And beer … How to get saltcellar bottle … Nice pants … Nice bands … Fish and cheese … Real men settings … Home-made … All tempted to tell your source all over the table

The votes have been tallied …


matt loves a good fry

the sacrificed

thumbs up

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