24.06.11 by Nick Sayes

DMA’s Approach to Design

DMA believe architecture is a ‘generalist’ profession which engages with all components of a architectural project; during conceptual design, documentation and construction phases.  We pride ourselves on being able to holistically engage with a complex of architectural issues to arrive at a design solution equally appropriate to its context (site and surrounds) and the unique ways our clients prefer to live.

DMA Design Principles - Diagram


Whether or not an urban, coastal or countryside setting – the topography of a site, and the characteristics and subtleties of its surrounding context form key drivers in the resolution of architectural space and form.  New Zealander’s value a strong connection with their environment and DMA projects strongly reflect this ideal.  Environmental sustainability and intelligent use of local resources is becoming an increasingly important consideration that we encourage our clients to embrace.


Every client has specific requirements and preferences, but we believe there is a certain commonality in the way New Zealanders tend to live.  This is reflected in the arrangement of open, private, indoor and outdoor spaces.  The fundamental nature of domestic architecture is to provide shelter and refuge, however the approach to this is unique to each client.  DMA works closely with clients to discuss their aspirations, work though a design and surpass their expectations.

Sculptural Resolve

Architecture is three dimensional.  DMA responds to context and living through the organisation of space, sculpting of form and the materiality of that form.  We engage in a rigorously three dimensional design process utilising all the traditional and technological tools at our disposal.

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